School Student Computer Use Program Agreement and Responsible Use Policy

School Student Computer Use Program Agreement and Responsible Use Policy

To enhance educational opportunities in and out of the classroom, Kid’s Community College Preparatory High School (KCCPH) students are issued a Lenovo laptop computer for use during the school year. This Agreement and Policy is intended to provide guidelines for the proper use and care of the computers and other technology resources and to protect the students and the school from liability resulting from any misuse of the KCCPH-issued computer. Student use of technology, including school-owned computers, other school-owned computing resources, and personally-owned devices, must be used in accordance with the mission and philosophy of the school, as well as all policies set forth below and in the Parent Student Handbook. Professors may set additional requirements or restrictions regarding the use of technology in their respective classes. The use of non-KCCPH-issued computers or other electronic devices (phones, tablets, music players, etc.) is prohibited during school hours. To maintain the integrity of the program, all students and parents/guardians must acknowledge and agree to the following conditions of use:

Section 1. General Requirements

Students are required to bring the computer to school fully charged and in working order daily. Students may be required to create and maintain a personal account. This account will be used for purchasing digital content, i.e. textbooks, apps, music, etc. Students are required to maintain adequate storage space for all academic activities on the computer, and will move or delete any personal data and media when necessary to make space available. While on campus, students are required to connect the KCCPH-owned computer to the wireless or wired network designated for students.

Section 2. Privacy:

Students have no expectation of confidentiality or privacy with respect to any usage of a laptop, regardless of whether that use is for school-related or personal purposes, other than as specifically provided by law. KCCPH may, without prior notice or consent, log, supervise, access, view, monitor, and record use of student laptops at any time for any reason related to the operation of KCCPH. By using a laptop, students agree to such access, monitoring, and recording of their use.

Section 3. Responsible Use

A. Student use of the computer and other electronic resources conforms to standards expected in the use of other school resources. Students shall not access or transmit inappropriate or illegal material in any form or manner. Inappropriate material includes, but is not limited to, offensive or sexually explicit material (whether text, image, or lyric based), or material accessed in violation of Copyright laws. Harassment of any kind is unacceptable and prohibited.

B. Students shall not use the computer or any electronic devices for dissemination or publication of any material that jeopardizes the good reputation of the school, which is detrimental to the common good, or which is harmful or offensive to members of the school community. This includes, but is not limited to, the posting of inappropriate material on any blog, chat room, social site, or website, and may result in disciplinary action.

C. Student use of the computer or other electronic devices to photograph, video, or make audio recordings is strictly prohibited in the classroom and around campus unless expressed permission is granted by a teacher. Students may not photograph, video, or record any person without that person’s expressed consent to the recording. Any use of cameras in restrooms or locker rooms, regardless of intent, is strictly prohibited and will be regarded as a serious violation. Whether on or off-campus, the student agrees that no KCCPH-owned computer will be used to take inappropriate, illicit, or sexually explicit photographs or videos, nor will any device be used to cause harm or misrepresent the school. The student is responsible for all content on the computer or other electronic devices. If a student receives content on any electronic device that they find in conflict with any school policy it is the student’s responsibility to report that content to campus administrator immediately.

D. Students are not allowed to use the computer in the school cafeteria unless instructed to do so by a faculty member.

E. Online Communication: Students should not provide personal information to people they do not know over the Internet. Students should never share their passwords or passcodes.

F. Students may not purchase and install apps for personal use unless approved by the Campus Director in advance. Purchased apps and the associated data must not interfere with the function of the device or with the necessary storage space required for academic purposes.

G. Students may store their personal media on the computer. Students are responsible for backing up that media. KCCPH is not responsible for the loss of student’s media or data. Media stored on the computer should not be offensive, profane, bullying/threatening, pornographic, obscene, rumors/gossip, sexually explicit, or other content not aligned with the school’s mission and philosophy.

H. The following items qualify as prohibited use of technology at KCCPH School, including, but not limited to, the KCCPH-issued computer, the KCCPH Network, any other KCCPH- owned computers, or personal electronic devices:

i. Any action that violates existing school rules or law.

ii. Any action that does not align with the school’s mission and philosophy

iii. Any form of jail breaking or tampering with the software or hardware on the computer.

iv. The illegal installation, use of, or transmission of copyrighted materials

v. The sending of unwanted or solicitous email, commonly known as spamming.

vi. The use of or possession of hacking software

vii. The use of the school’s internet or email accounts for financial or commercial gain.

viii. The use of the school’s internet or email accounts for any illegal activity

ix. Bypassing the KCCPH School Internet content filtering service through a web proxy or other method.

x. Gaining access to another student’s or faculty member’s account, files, or data.

xi. The creation, sending, accessing, uploading, downloading, or distribution of offensive, profane, bullying, rumors or gossip-related, threatening, pornographic, obscene, or sexually explicit materials,

xii. Performing unethical actions including, but not limited to, plagiarism, cheating, or unauthorized collaboration (e.g., texting answers or taking pictures of exams).

Section 4. Care and Maintenance

A. Students must keep the computer in a protective case at all times. Students will be required to maintain a passcode on the computer. Students shall not share this passcode with anyone. If a student has forgotten his passcode, and cannot access his computer, he should contact the IT Support immediately.

B. Students are required to charge their computers each evening for use during the next school day. Students are required to backup all app data, notes, course content, and data being used for academic purposes.

C. Students will maintain their storage such that they are backing up school-related content and academic materials first.

D. If a student exceeds the storage available for backups the student may purchase more storage. KCCPH School is not responsible for any lost data.

E. Students will immediately report any issues they are having with their computer to KCCPH IT Support including, but not limited to, software problems, damage, loss, or theft.

F. Students are required to have the computer on their person or in a secure location at all times. Students must not leave the computer unattended for any reason.

G. Students are required not to lend the computer to other students, friends, or family.

H. Students should perform updates on their computers after school hours.

I. Students may not physically alter the computer in any way, including, but not limited to, applying stickers, labels, markers, or other markings or writing. Students may not remove the KCCPH School asset tags.

J. Students should clean the screen with a soft, dry, microfiber cloth or with a screen cleaner designed for glass/LCD type screens. Do not use things like paper towels or dishcloths.

Section 5. Financial Responsibilities and Information: KCCPH-issued computers are the property of KCCPH. Students must report any lost, stolen, or damaged computer to KCCPH IT Support or the Campus Director immediately. In the case of theft, students may be required to file a police report. The annual technology fee includes an insurance program for all students. Students will be provided specific information for reporting damage or lost computers. Students must report a damaged or lost computer immediately. If a computer is lost or stolen, the family will be responsible for the cost of a replacement computer of the same brand and model. If the cost to repair a damaged computer exceeds the cost of replacement, a new computer will be ordered and the family will be responsible for the replacement.

The KCCPH-owned computer must be immediately returned to the school when a student is no longer enrolled at KCCPH School. Families will receive detailed information on the purchasing and downloading of digital textbooks and apps prior to the school year. KCCPH is not responsible for any monies assessed to families that result from return/exchange of electronic course materials. To help avoid these assessments, no student should purchase any electronic course materials until the computer has been issued and the student has received a course schedule. KCCPH is not responsible in any way for the content or for any charges resulting from purchases made from the KCCPH-owned computer.

Section 6. Precautions

A. In consideration for receiving the computer from KCCPH, each student and his or her parent or legal guardian agrees not to sue and hereby releases, waives, discharges, holds harmless, indemnifies, and defends KCCPH, as well as their respective employees, personnel, staff, volunteers, agents, directors, affiliates, and representatives, from any and all liability, losses, damages, claims, actions, and causes of action of every nature for any and all known or unknown, foreseen or unforeseen, bodily or personal injuries, property damage, or other loss, whether claimed by the student, parent, legal representative, or any third party, relating in any way to the use of the computer furnished by KCCPH to the student.

B. No warranties of any kind, whether expressed or implied, for the service KCCPH is providing and is not responsible for any damages the student may suffer. This includes loss of data, non-deliveries,inadvertent deliveries, or service interruptions. The student is responsible for evaluating any information obtained from the Internet. KCCPH specifically denies any responsibility for the accuracy or quality of information obtained through its services. Additionally, KCCPH will not be responsible for unauthorized financial obligations resulting from provided access to the Internet. Students using KCCPH devices and services (including with personal devices) agree that they waive any right to privacy that they may have for any information or file created, maintained, transmitted, or stored in or on KCCPH's property, through its technical resources, or on personal devices at school. KCCPH may monitor students’ use of technology and may also examine all system activities in which the student participates. Students should know that content including, but not limited to: sexual comments or images, racial slurs or other offensive comments, defamatory, discriminatory, or harassing materials distributed, accessed, or downloaded through IT resources could expose them to legal liability as well as to disciplinary action.

C. This Agreement and Policy applies to KCCPH students at all times, whether or not the students are on campus, as KCCPH School students are school representatives at all times.


The signatures below acknowledge that the student and parent have read the above policy in its entirety and agree to all provisions set forth. The signatures acknowledge the receipt of a Lenovo laptop computer and charging cable for charging. This equipment remains the property of KCCPH and all items must be returned to KCCPH. Students are responsible for returning the computer, charging block and any other associated accessories. The student will be assessed a replacement fee for any of these items not returned in good working order.

As the parent/guardian, I understand and agree that my child shall comply with the terms of the Agreement. By signing this Agreement, I give permission for my child to use the school-issued computer and/or to access the school's computer network and the Internet. I understand that, despite KCCPH’s best efforts, it is impossible for the KCCPH to restrict access to all offensive and controversial materials. I agree to release from liability, indemnify, and hold harmless KCCPH, district, and district personnel against all claims, damages, and costs that may result from my child's use of KCCPH-issued technology or the failure of any technology protection measures used by KCCPH. Further, I accept full responsibility for supervision of my child's use of his/her computer or student account if and when such access is not in the school setting.